Chronicles of Lords

04 Dec

by Alicia Steen

As written by Sranus, Pegasus Lord


Year After Shadow Two Thousand Eighty

A mere twenty years until the foretold day, and still no new Lords of Magic have appeared to carry the titles of their predecessors. Shadow takes what it can and harasses any who stand firm. The only exception is Gathyra. Of the three Sentinels, on this hidden world only does war still rage, as it has since First King Cenryr settled there some six hundred years ago. His courage awakened dragons to once more pronounce vengeance on shadow, a sight not seen since Lord Kairson rode in the skies. Even still the sight of dragons in flight brings hope to my soul.


Year After Shadow Two Thousand Eighty-Seven

A young boy of nine years has appeared in Gathyra with a black dragon. When I heard the report my heart went cold, but I needn’t have bothered. Mystery, as the young black female is named, is as far from those dark abominations as a dragon can be. The look in her eye said she’d chosen to fight against shadow, and a dragon is given a choice only once. Mystery said she’d rescued the boy, and that was all the answer anyone could get from either of them.

King Json adopted the boy on the spot, naming him Alxandr Parkr Gathriel. It should prove interesting to see what this boy brings to Gathyra in future.


Year After Shadow Two Thousand Ninety-Four

I write this with a shaky hand, as laughter fills my veins. In one day; no, one afternoon Gathyra’s three young princes managed to kill a Nephilim and level Gathyra’s mountains into a plain. None were injured except the Nephilim, the first killed by wizards in my memory.

I have watched many young wizards, but Princes Mykl, Parkr, and James are by far the most exciting and most destructive. To destroy so much their command of magic must be higher than ever seen in such young wizards since before shadow.


Year After Shadow Two Thousand Ninety-Six

Two promising young wizards have travelled to Gathyra to enroll in the school there. Kyle and Synrn have a high enough understanding of magic to be enrolled in the same year as the Three Princes. They have been teamed with Jeske, a wizard with skill that could blossom with the right companions. The Princes will have competition from now on.


Year After Shadow Two Thousand Ninety-Seven

I have found two more talented young wizards on a planet the Nilonian Empire conquered some nine hundred years ago. Most every citizen on this desert world is hostile toward magic, and thus their world is dying. Vytria Alice and Cyran Sesshion, however, have practically thrived. They have a firm hold on what they know to be right, a grip only strengthened by their adverse surroundings.

Ever claiming the hardest way, Cyran desires a challenge, while Vytria the wind wizard covets freedom. I believe I will take them with me to see the Festival of Lights in Kiroh, to which wizards from many worlds travel. They may find a glimpse of what they search for.


Year After Shadow Two Thousand Ninety-Seven

The Festival of Lights was especially brilliant, as this year saw the coronation of the Crown Princess Erelynn. Erelynn possesses a quiet strength, not unlike Queen Rannette. She will lead the Kirohian people well, though not until many years in the future. Queen Rannette has ruled with wisdom for close to a hundred years now, yet still she shows no signs aging beyond her silver hair.

This year the heroes of Nagaster attended, much to my surprise. I had thought their leader, Ecalai, would never attend any such festival. He is much like Cyran in that both young men believe gatherings to be nothing more than multiplied boredom. Ecalai’s sister Erianna and companion Mykai must have discovered a suitable bribe.

I saw all three compiling victories at one of several group tournaments. Certainly, few Kirohians would know how to deal with Mykai’s expert archery and Erianna’s dual blades, to say nothing of Ecalai’s wide range of weaponry and calm, precise leadership. This team learned their skills in Nagaster, whose forests are so wild even the Nirad have no desire to conquer them.


Year After Shadow Two Thousand Ninety-Eight

The second of the Sentinel worlds, Nilonia, is changing at last. For a thousand years a different sort of evil has reigned in Nilonia, separate from the shadow that plagues the worlds beyond. Now he who named himself Emperor Nilo has died, and his dark assassins, his Nirad of red and black have scattered. The power behind Nilo still wanders, and the Nirad with their dark magic will continue to work their evil in the worlds they have ruled for so long. Nevertheless, now that Nilo no longer unifies them, they are a lesser threat than before. May Nilonia find rest once more.


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  1. Charlie

    December 4, 2015 at 1:00 am

    that was awesome ali great work i enjoyed it 🙂 SMILE!!!



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