Chronicles of Lords

04 Feb

Entry 2

As written by Sranus


Year After Shadow Two Thousand One Hundred. First Cycle.

The four clans of Jeshrun are restless, from the Toledoth in the northeast to Dark Moon and Blue Soul on the western coast. Even the NaruNova of the RedStone, though they remain oblivious to the change in the wind, find themselves agitated. The Blue Soul report more noise than usual from the caves on the cliffs. Jeshrun Below, to which the caves lead, remains sealed, but these are signs that it will not remain so. The war frozen in time two thousand one hundred years ago will finally move towards its conclusion.

The twelve Lords called by the Ancient of Days have already made their way to Jeshrun. Though some have not yet accepted the title, the voice of He Who Whispers is not far from them. Some have already stirred up Jeshrun Below. Others have taken their places alongside the clans. Vytria, a wind wielder, stands ready with clan Blue Soul to protect to seas from the shadow that will proceed from the caves, though she does not fully realize this. She shall be the Gryphon Lord if she chooses to accept the call.

Erelynn, the Crown Princess of Kiroh, is fortifying clan Toledoth. They will need her in the days ahead to keep their spirits alive and fighting. Erelynn has truly embraced the truth of the serid, that a joyful heart does not depend on happy circumstances. She will soon find her calling as the Serid Lord.

Cyran Sesshion, who travelled with Vytria to Jeshrun, is a mighty healer. Having already discovered the past, he has received the title of Wolf Lord and decided to change the future his predecessor set forth.

The three Lords from Nagaster, Ecalai, Erianna, and Mykai, have been searching Jeshrun for clues to the ancient past. Their travels have led to Dragon Mountain. Ecalai, the Cyess Lord, is still using the staff I gave him, though he is still lamenting the loss of his blades. He must change his thinking soon if he is to survive the shadow dragon. Erianna, Fox Lord, and Mykai, Rnbar Lord, likewise have much to learn, but I am confident they will come through victorious.

Four of the Lords, namely Kyle, Jeske, Synrn, and Parkr, have studied magic at Gathyra’s MountainView High, though two of them are from Jeshrun. Jeske is one of these. He began in clan Toledoth, but a drive for better led him to Gathyra. He has now returned to Jeshrun as the Eihn Lord and is travelling with Kyle.

Synrn is also from Jeshrun, specifically clan Dark Moon. He has two friends there who are strong in magic. Clan Dark Moon is known for reverse element magic, and Synrn is no different. As the Phoenix Lord he uses reverse element to incredible effectiveness.

Kyle has long since been the Leviathn Lord, the Wielder of the Deep. I have not seen any in many centuries who command the waters as he does. His search for others strong in magic led him to Gathyra, and now to Jeshrun. Kyle has a talent for finding the strongest, then revealing their strength as either true or empty.

Prince Alxandr Parkr Gathriel of Gathyra will soon be the Dragon Lord as well as one of the three princes. He is on the verge of discovering what makes the Dragon Lord truly strong, the very truth his predecessor Lord Dragon abandoned. It remains to be seen whether Parkr will surpass Lord Dragon or fall into the same darkness, to the ruin of many. However, I trust that the man whom the Ancient of Days calls he will also equip for the challenges ahead.

My friend, the Faln Lord Kryus, continues in slumber in Jeshrun Below, to wake in the appointed time. I, Sranus, the Pegasus Lord, remain vigilant. This time, the Ancient of Days has promised, the Shadow will not have its day. His Lords will be victorious, and again the worlds shall prosper.

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  1. Charlie

    February 5, 2016 at 1:50 am

    Oooooooooooo this is getting good keep going Ali love the stories reading them are awesome 😉



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