Fury of the Dragon Lord

17 Mar

By Alicia Steen and Nathan Steen


Parkr. Jeshrun Below.

As I fight these shadow dragons more keep appearing. My growing realization with each sword stroke is that only one person exists who could turn this many dragons.

Lord Dragon. My predecessor.

His betrayal all those centuries ago runs deep. Not only did he murder his comrade the Eihn Lord, he brought many dragons with him into shadow. The very same dragons who became the key factor in the downfall of the previous Lords.

Not this time. Not today. The Ancient of Days has raised up a new generation of Lords after 2100 years of silence, many of which I’ve met personally in my travels. As long as I am the Dragon Lord, they will not fall to shadow dragons.

Lord Dragon is down here somewhere, surround by his dragons and more ancient evils no doubt. As I burn his legacy from existence, I will find him.

After that?

May the Ancient of Days have mercy on his soul, for I most certainly will not.


Jeshrun Below.

East and north of central Jeshrun mountains rise to rule the landscape. They conceal massive caverns and chambers beneath them, one of which has an opening carved out of steep mountainside. Here a figure stands overlooking Jeshrun, but he is not alone. Other large forms move behind him concealed by the darkness of the cavern.

“My brothers grow restless, Lord Dragon. The shadow is growing, yet still you refuse to let us walk unhindered.”

The figure in the light breaths the air deeply. “All these long centuries of work and the wind still continues to blow over Jeshrun. You would think the clans would realize they are better without the wind, yet they continue to resist us.” Lord Dragon glances into the shadow behind him. “Your day is coming, First King of the Nephilim. Ultimately, the people of Jeshrun’s resistance will know the futility of their actions, and the young Lords of Magic, in whom rests their hope, will not be able to change that reality. The best any of them can do is prolong their destruction.”

“Then release me and my brethren to roam the length and breadth of Jeshrun. We can accelerate the growth of shadow. Any Lords who get in our way will crumble before us,” the Nephilim growls. He takes a few steps forward.

“Do not take me for a fool, son of darkness,” Lord Dragon snaps in reply. “I know the desires of you and your kind, and I know the chaos that would result if I released you to do as you please. You will get what you want but under MY terms.”

“Still afraid are you? All these years and you still fear your own shadow. We gave you all the power and strength you desired, but you have failed to use it.” The Nephilim steps out of the shadow, his long claws gleaming in the light. Lord Dragon raises a finger, halting the Nephilim’s movement forcefully.

“Don’t even try. I was there when the worlds were young. I am the Dragon Lord of old; you cannot hope to defeat me regardless of your immense strength. In the end even the sons of darkness must bow before me.”

The Nephilim gleams a cruel smile. “Do you really think you can control the darkness?”

Lord Dragon’s eyes flash with a glow of dark light. “Naturally.”

“Don’t make me laugh,” a new voice echoes from the cavern. “You are nothing more than a millennia-old joke long past his day. It is time Jeshrun learned of true shadow.”

A look of horror comes over Lord Dragon’s expression as the dark flame in his eyes fades.

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One response to “Fury of the Dragon Lord

  1. Charlie

    March 17, 2016 at 8:34 pm

    that was very exciting sorry for the remark of not giving anymore comment keep these stories going this battle is not over yet and this Dragon Lords this monster will go down YEAH ROCK AND ROLL WOOOOOOOH!!!



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