Fortress Dark Courage

05 May

Events are spiraling toward a conclusion in the lands of Jeshrun. Or is it a beginning? Here’s a teaser for next week! What the future will be, only one can say.


By Lynae Steen

Erianna. Fortress Dark Courage: Dark Moon, Jeshrun. Year After Shadow Two Thousand One Hundred.

“Grapplers!” the Captain’s voice roars out to all defending Dark Courage. Out of the dark mist strong iron teeth shoot straight towards the wall on which we stand. Immediately multicolored lights zip down from the wall, knocking off shadow creatures climbing the ropes. But not enough. Shadow creatures pour onto the wall.  Mykai attaches a song barrier spell to at least twelve arrows and releases them in quick succession. I build up a sonic wall to try to knock down a guy with purple hair and orange eyes riding on the nearest grappler.

“Ah!” A surge of outside magic crashes into mine, splitting my outward flow of magic, taking my focus along with it.

Uh oh.

The sonic spell bounces back into many who are fighting on the wall, knocking most off balance.

Mykai swings around and creates a musical wall to negate my spell.

Erelynn doesn’t react quickly enough.

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One response to “Fortress Dark Courage

  1. Charlie

    May 6, 2016 at 12:36 am

    That was short but a teaser is just fine but but but but…don’t make us wait forever lol

    Liked by 1 person


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