Roar of the Deep

26 May

By Alicia Steen, Nathan Steen, and Lynae Steen


Synrn. Crystal Falls: Dark Moon, Jeshrun.

Glowing eyes, bright as the red sunrise, rise first above the crystal falls. They illuminate two rows of long, pointed teeth. This is followed by a long neck, closely plated with scales of hard bone. The body keeps rising, revealing two sharp webbed forelimbs. These have fingers long enough that their span stretches beyond the width of the waterfall. This is not a dragon, nor is it a toothy river guardian. No, this is the king of the deep.



Ecalai. Northern Forest: Dark Moon, Jeshrun.

“Ecalai, where are you going?” the guide calls out.

Ecalai has been racing south through the forest for quite some time to get to Dark Moon as soon as he possibly could. Ramuel and the shadow had completely abandoned the dark fortress earlier. Now the only way Ecalai know to stop the shadow is to reach Dark Moon and hope he is in time to prevent his greatest nightmare from unfolding again in Jeshrun.

The guide, who has been chasing Ecalai all this way, finally catches up with him. “Ecalai, wait!” Ecalai slows down a bit but continues to press onward. Surely he has to be close by now. Even a minute could make a difference. “Ecalai, there is nothing you can do. The shadow over Dark Moon can no longer be stopped. All we can do is hope that Erianna and Mykai are able to ensure that Fortress Dark Courage stands through the night.”

“That’s not good enough for me!” Ecalai shouts back. “I can’t let it end like this. I have to stop the shadow from…” Ecalai never finishes his sentence. He has at last broken out of the northern forest and reached Dark Moon, but the scene in front of him freezes his tracks as he stares in disbelief.


Erelynn. Fortress Dark Courage: Dark Moon, Jeshrun.

No need to panic. Just grab onto the grapple line.

Or not. A shadow swings several claws at my wrist, causing me to force my hands back.


Something with wings would be really nice at this time.

A scarlet light zips down my direction and smacks me in the chest. Gravity changes direction, driving me up, south, and dumping me onto the south wall.

“Ow…” I rub my arms and drag myself to my feet. That was weird. A kitten-size serid looks up at me with a concerned expression. I smile and pat his head.

The serid growls and lunges at an attacking shadow, spitting light at another one across from it.

My magic senses a small portion of the serid’s growl bounce off a tall figure behind me to my right. I swing my hands to repair my….

My head jerks up. My swords are wooden chips on the west wall.

Wonderful. No weapon. Nice.

Now what?

I feel my swords repair themselves inside my fists. Wait, so that tactic works from this far away? Cool.

An ice wall slams into my back. I catch myself with my hands on the stone floor.

Way to knock out your own timing. Brilliant.

I spin around and slam both hilts into an oncoming shadow. A fox jumps on a shadow to my left as I drive my swords forward through two shadows.

I haven’t run out of stamina yet. I’ve got to get to the northern wizard tower fast.

I twist around and toss one of my swords through an oncoming line of shadows. I burst it and use the wooden chips to spread sonic area attacks everywhere.

A hand catches a piece and releases a regen spell that cancels out the area attack inside it.

“My, my, such wanton destruction,” a sickeningly low and sweet voice steps out from on a grappling hook. “You should not wield such reckless magic when you could use something better.”


Synrn. Crystal Falls: Dark Moon, Jeshrun.

The firebolt from shadow above continues to hurl toward Kyle, and the massive leviathn rises to meet it with a certainty that dares one to blink. Certainly the dark wizard is not blinking; her eyelids are as frozen as her expression. When fire and leviathn meet, the leviathn opens its cavernous jaw – one that could swallow a man whole – and chomps the firebolt from the sky. Its red blazing eyes fix on the dark wizard for a long minute before it falls with a crash to the seas below.

The captains are as shocked as the dark wizard, and Tetze is no exception. But Kyle is not finished just yet.

Just as the dark wizard remembers to form words, Kyle shouts, “Enough! Final round.”


Ecalai. Northern Forest: Dark Moon, Jeshrun.

From the tree line to the far walls of Dark Courage, he sees up close the chaos and destruction that has engulfed the land. Pockets of Dark Moon are ablaze as far as the eye can see. The sounds of desperate battles can be heard all around, making it hard for Ecalai to make out where they come from. An endless sea of shadow seems to dominate much of the landscape. Ecalai can only look on in horror.

All his life Ecalai had hoped never again to witness another land endure the same fate that fell on Nagaster all those years before. He had vowed never to let it happen again, and had given all he had to prevent it repeating in Jeshrun. Yet, there is no escaping the reality that he sees before his eyes. His nightmare has come to pass once more.

“Do you see it now?” the guide says as he emerges from the forest. “Even though you try you cannot stop this shadow. Face it, Ecalai, you’re just as helpless as anyone else. You may fight for a day, but in the end what can you do? Such has it always been and so will it be.”

Ecalai remains silent for a long moment. He doesn’t even turn to look at the guide, but keeps his gaze transfixed on the destruction before him. Finally, he clenches his fist and speaks. “Who is responsible for all this?”

The guide does not reply, so Ecalai repeats, “What devil of the shadow caused all this destruction?”

“Don’t you get it yet? There is nothing you can do.”

Ecalai draws his staff and forms his magical blade on its end. “I have hidden from the shadow for far too long. This time I will fight.” Ecalai begins to slowly walk forward toward the densest collection of shadow creatures. The guide makes no move to join him.

As a final warning, the guide calls out, “Don’t do it, Ecalai. You will only make things worse!” Ecalai, however, cannot hear him nor does he wish to. For the first time in his life he is burning with anger. He will find a way to stop this invasion or else avenge all the suffering and destruction shadow has caused. The guide never follows.


Synrn. Crystal Falls: Dark Moon, Jeshrun.

“General Tetze, our lines in the north have broken!”

“General, South Port is overrun!”

“General, we must retreat.”

Tetze never looks away from the fight in front of him. He silences the captains with one word. “Watch.”


As Kyle shouts, “Final Round!” multiple leviathn rise above the cliffs. Their bone scales scrape against the rock, the sound combining with the rush of water to form a catastrophic roar. The sea rises with them in a wall of blue, and they both break on the surface with a thunderous crash.

When the waters clear, all that is left standing are the soldiers of Dark Moon.


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3 responses to “Roar of the Deep

  1. Tia

    May 26, 2016 at 11:22 pm

    So much truth!!!!


  2. Tia

    May 27, 2016 at 1:20 am

    Seriously it’s hitting deep I need this it hurts but it feels good


  3. Charlie

    May 31, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Wow this is deep this is really good hey smile I’m a few days late reading this steady I made it in time to read 😉



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