Reflections on Black: To Train Up a Prince part 1

15 Oct

By Alicia Steen

Gathyra. Year After Shadow 2091.

“But every time we try the logs blow up in our faces,” a very young Parkr complains to his father, King Json. This is the first time he, Mykl, and James have trained as a team. Under the watchful direction of their father Json, the three are attempting to move a small pile of stacked logs, but so far they have only succeeded in splintering the logs in every direction.

“Why do we have to do this together?” a frustrated young Mykl asks. “I could move them myself.”

“You could,” Json agrees. “However, your transport spell is not powerful enough to move all the logs at once, and it would be quite tiring for you to move them one a time.”

Mykl reluctantly nods in begrudging agreement.

“You must let Parkr be your power,” Json finishes.

“But Parkr has no power,” James points out.

Json nods and lowers himself to their height. “No, but Parkr has the potential for a raw power that none have ever imagined. Yet even that pales in comparison to what you three can achieve if you work together. Your task now is to train yourselves so you are ready when called upon.”

“That’s hard,” Parkr states.

Json smiles. “Listen closely and I will tell you the secret.” The princes huddle closer to their father so as to not miss a word. Json leans in. “How you accomplish a task is just as important as its completion.”

“Huh?” Mykl inquires, voicing the cluelessness written all over their young faces.

“How you accomplish a task is just as important as its completion,” Json repeats patiently. “For any spell, there are bad methods and good methods, but only the great methods lead to excellence.”

“The first one was less confusing,” James informs his father.

Json laughs. “One more time. Try to move the logs together.”

The young princes-in-training turn again to the pile of logs and close their eyes in concentration. After a pause the pile begin to shift. Two logs move into the air, but they crash down, causing the pile to roll away.

“I think I get it now! One more time,” Parkr shouts excitedly.

“Yeah, I can see it too! We’ll get them with one more try,” Mykl agrees. The three stack the logs and concentrate one more time. The first log floats up, then the second log follows as if they were links in a chain. One by one the entire pile follows the first until none are touching the ground.

The three stare at the logs, awestruck.

“We did it,” James whispers.

“That took no effort at all,” Mykl voices in a loud whisper. Parkr says nothing; his grin which stretches from ear to ear says it for him.

“Well done, my sons. You are the first in Gathyran memory to lift all six logs.”

The logs drop. “I thought this was the standard beginner’s training exercise,” James asks.

“It is. With three logs,” Json answers.


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