Of Nirad and Nilo: the Meeting final

23 Dec

Rydn, year of Nilonian Empire 925


Jyrnn mentioned there would be something interesting inside this cave, would be something interesting. That is an understanding. I am looking at a huge shiny silver metal…warship? Whatever that thing is, it has a lot of firepower.

“Where does this light come from?” I ask Jyrnn, completely awestruck. He gazes around.

“I…do not actually know. The light is so natural I never really thought about it being strange,” he responds. I can see how that would be possible. This mysterious light is practically akin to daylight.

This part of the cave is less of a mineshaft and more like a sophisticated repair chamber for the warship. Stone lines the immediate walls, floor, and ceiling, stopping fifteen footlengths beyond the edge of the ship. The place is as high as five levels of Taurek’s house, yet every inch of the wall is used for spare parts, tools, and cleaning supplies. I spot ancient mining and smith tools among the supplies.

“Is this truly a mineshaft?” I ask further. This whole place goes further in, maybe into the heart of the mountain from what it looks like here. Jyrnn nods.

“Whoever built this place must have wanted an endless supply of metal,” he answers, placing his hand on the warship. “And they found it. Within these tunnels are several mines consisting of several quality metals as well as a variety of rare gems. I believe this warship and everything here was made by the materials mined here. However, there is one other thing.” Jyrnn flicks out a dagger specifically made for Nirad by paid craftsmen, hurling it at the sizeable metal warship. A spark and a clang sounds the breaking of the dagger as it clashes with the warship, not having left a hint of a scratch.

“Dragonfire,” Jyrnn continues. “Everything metallic in this chamber was forged in dragonfire.” I take in my breath. Dragonfire? Dragons are mere legends here in Nilonia, and the ancient peoples forged metal with their fire? The craftsman inside me examines the metal. If I were to reproduce this quality, I would be the best craftsman in Nilonia for many centuries.

I remember the message passed between Jyrnn and his father during our duel. “Does your father know about this place?”

“This has been a family secret ever since our ancestor found this place centuries before Nilo. The warship was inactive then and ever since, but he took the duty of maintaining this whole place. We have been continuing his duty ever since. Nothing mined or found here is sold to the public, though family members may use some items found here now and again,” Jyrnn takes out a medium length metal pole. They have been taking care of this place…all this time? Without Nilo, the Nirad, or anyone else noticing? “The weapons are all inside that warship. I can show you all of the rooms there as well as what we assume they all are for.” He gazes at the warship.

I sense a contradiction in his following silence. “Except?”

Jyrnn faces me. “We do not know what it is capable of or what type of weapons it has. Neither do we know when it was built or for what purpose. We have tried to find out why it was abandoned and by whom, but the only clues to where the answers might be are in the ship itself.”

“So in other words,” I surmise. “You want me to help you discover how to turn it on.”


Those who have forgotten My name

Shall forget Me no more

Those who have ignored My fame

Shall ignore Me no more.


Those who have never known Me have heard

Those who have never learned of Me

Have called upon My name

Who has heard of such things?


When One stands where no one could

My remnant shall remember

When One stands where no one would

My remnant shall be renewed.

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  1. Christopher

    March 5, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    I be excited about this storyline.
    (Double check the first paragraph or so)

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