Welcome to Mansion Stories! Whether you’re new to the mansion or a returning guest, you’ll find links to all our completed story arcs below. If you are a new guest, try starting the adventure with the short stories noted under To Begin the Journey. After that, our fantasy world is vast, with many characters, places, and creatures to meet, so don’t worry about reading the story arcs in order.

To Begin the Journey

The Mansion

Chronicles of Lords  Entry 1     Entry 2

Finest of Problem Solvers

Fare Well, My Yesterday


Three Princes of Gathyra

Finest of Problem Solvers

When Future Meets Past:  Part 1

Gathyra’s Heart:  Part 1

Reflections:   This Path You Have Chosen     The Forsaken Blade



Into Jeshrun: Song of the Blue Soul     Warrior’s Heart

Stirrings: Wolf and Dragon     Dragon Mountain     Legend of Ancient Past

Invasion: Nevermore     Shadow’s Reach     Terrors of the Night     Fury of the Dragon Lord

Resolve: Resolve of the Dark Moon



On the Footsteps of a Dragon’s Roar: Catalyst     The Cleansing


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